2018 Polka Dotted Giveaway!
Dec 2017

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Jessica Walker

2018 Polka Dotted Giveaway!

As the New Year dawns most of us make a few resolutions. These help everyone keep things in perspective throughout the year. Resolutions are often goals that we hope to achieve.

The most common resolutions for 2018 are:

  1. Institute disaster management plans to keep family as well as business safe from unexpected calamities. 2017 was fraught with natural disasters and at the end of the year some communities are still struggling with the destruction.

  1. Focus on health and fitness. This has become most important and the world trend reveals that most people put health and fitness as a primary goal for 2018. Awareness of the connection between good health and an exercise regime has reached an all time high and many would like to choose the path of health rather than sickness like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and more.

  1. Spend more time with the family. Family has become very important and for many, professional success comes second.  Fulfillment means more than wealth and climbing the corporate ladder.

  1. Financial self sufficiency is an incredibly common goal. Some want to reach a certain target like making their first million for others, the resolution was to get out of the debt trap. And millennials are still struggling with the best way to pay off their student loans.This year, people want to make a sound financial plan so that the earning outweighs the spending.

  1. Volunteer work, show you care by helping others. World over natural and other calamities have pulled at the heart strings of many. The events have inspired some to take a hard look at their lives. Many have resolved to be less selfish and undertake volunteer work. A few closer to home and work and some right across the world where a tsunami, cyclones, and earthquake have left many without home and hearth.

  1. Techies decided to enhance security, fight against spam, adware, and spyware, and to take the cyber world towards new frontiers like cryptocurrency, augmented reality games and more.

  1. Gamers resolved not just to try all the games but to have a life outside the gaming world. To take matters into their own hands and create a full schedule which includes study, health, fitness, family time, making friends, and of course gaming.

  1. The career minded decided to set high goals and achieve those goals, but to take disappointments in their stride. The career minded folk vowed to be polite to all, a leader in their own field, and organized.

  1. Many decided to consciously make subtle lifestyle changes and to include: meditation, stress relieving techniques, listen to music, follow a healthy lifestyle, exercise, further their education, and meet many interesting people.

  1. Strengthening relationships is a goal many aimed for. The resolution is to stay positive, have self respect, show caring, and seek a balanced relationship which involves both give and take.

Across the world the most popular resolutions were: health and fitness, career development, and sustained relationships. Many glanced at 2017 and took a hard look at themselves and where they were headed. Events in 2017 showed human beings that life is too short and precious to be wasted away. One must in life look beyond personal goals and think of the world as a whole. Security from attacks, peace and prosperity, coupled with a coming together to overcome calamities caused by nature seemed to be on most minds.

So often it feels like as individuals we don’t have enough influence or power to make change happen, but in 2017 we saw an out pour of love, compassion, and activism from every corner of this planet. In 2018, I hope we’ll see a rise in participation. And polka dots.


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