Look Great on Valentine's Day
Jan 2018

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Jessica Walker

Look Great on Valentine's Day

When you are side by side the person you are in love with, you are naturally overwhelmed by the wish to look attractive and sexy. Especially, with the approaching of St. Valentine's Day every lady is looking for new ideas to add to one's appearance more charm and refinement.

Add Brightness and Gentleness

The celebration on St. Valentine's Day often implies an intimate romantic evening. A luxurious evening dress as the one preferred by Hollywood stars are not exactly what you need.  It is better to stop your choice at a gentle cocktail dress in a wide range of variations.   

The shades of gold are still really popular as they add a matchless duskiness and magnetism to a female's skin even if she is blond. You may prefer any metallic glitter - golden, silver, bronze -that will be featured by an open camisole, bead-embroidered straight dresses or a short bolero-jacket decorated by a golden cord. Ultraviolet is the pantone 2018 color so perhaps mixing that in with your metallics will brighten the mood.

A black dress represents an internally classical alternative.  Today it is fashionable to wear a black mini dress with slinky silhouette, open shoulders, arms and decollete, and a number of vents. For example, some designers place their vents parallel along the length of the dress or at the sides, or a dress may have geometric vents at the front.

 To add more piquancy to your appearance, try wearing polka dots. Polka dots are really nice and provide a lot of comfort.  


If you are more eager to resemble a young lady who has just  graduated from college, put on a light silk or chiffon blouse with puffed sleeves,  a dark trapezium-shaped skirt with lacy trimming or flounces, low-heeled shoes and one more charming detail - a string of beads. Such a gentle appearance will surely arouse the most tremulous feelings in your beloved.

By the way, sentimental bows are found among the most favorite decorative elements of the leading designers. Bows will create around you the atmosphere of femininity, caress and gentleness that will be really appealing for any modern knight. Consider the following ideas - a thin ribbon at the waist with a tiny bow; a wide satin waistband with a magnificent bow; gentle boluses with a bow; a bow placed at a deep decollete or a skirt vent.


Some Minor but Magic Details

If you are ready to let free your imagination - choose any clothing item form lace, guipure, airy chiffon or flotant satin. It is not always compulsory to acquire something new - just try to find a new combination of your favorite items of clothes, having added some eye-catching fresh detail. Remember about accessories. By wearing another pair of earrings or a gentle golden chain, your look will be magically transformed into a more festive and attractive one. An elegant watch is also a detail that may do wonders.


Prestigious watch-making brands introduce watches that will match the style even of the most refined dress as they feature a rich variety of designs, color combinations, materials and functions. Some of the present-day watches are just indistinguishable from real jewelry pieces. If you would not like to spend too much money at a watch, pay your attention to collections of replica watches offered by online stores.



Replica watches feature top quality at the price affordable for everybody as they are produced from cheaper materials and in much shorter periods of time. Still, qualitative replica watches are not really distinguishable from the authentic ones. That is why some ladies even purchase a collection of differently-styled replica watches to have a timepiece to suit any dress and any occasion.

Polka Dot Watches


St. Valentine's Day is a celebration able to unite the hearts and help two people in love become closer. Use all the opportunities to look irresistible and spend the evening in the most wonderful way.

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